CEISA (The Circle of Specialty Food Distributors), is a close collaboration of worldwide food & beverage marketing and distribution companies that offer the world's finest and most exclusive food and beverage products.

Only one distributor per country can be appointed and the final decision for membership rests on the company’s reputation in their respective market. Before admitting any new CEISA member, a thorough evaluation of the company and its’ marketing position is conducted by our board of directors.

Currently, CEISA encompasses 18 members, representing countries on the continents of northern and central Europe, Australia, Africa and North & South America.

At least once per year, members get together informally for meetings; networking; and to discuss new products; suppliers and food trends. These are usually held in a different CEISA member’s country each time.

Members also meet casually at various international food & beverage shows held all over the world, such as the ISM, ANUGA and SIAL.

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International specialty food beverage marketing and distribution companies association. CEISA members offer the world's finest and most exclusive specialty food and beverage products; gourmet,cheese,speciality,natural food,confectionery,wine,spirits 

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Mr. Hakan Ljungqvist
Arvid Nordquist H.A.B., Director
Address: Ekensbergsvägen 117
P.O. Box 1285 SE-17125 Solna Sweden
Tel: +46 8 799 1947


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